Internal Conversations

Dear mama, it’s your little boy.

Wherever you are I pray you are fine.

Looking down on us smiling, not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.

Sometimes I sit and wonder. Reminisce on days gone by.

The once upon a times, I think of a time when you weren’t just a thought,

But existed in reality, midway through asking myself the cliché questions,

And conjuring hypothetical scenarios.

The what could have beens.

Randomly contrasted by the reality,

Of the what are’s. I hold on to you dearly.

I still sing our song, as I flip through memories of you.

All that is left, are those echoes.

Once upon a blue moon.

I remember the strength you embodied.

That saw us through many a turbulent time.

Twice upon a yellow star, I remember your love and affection,

All had a vicariousness to them.

Thrice upon a galaxy,

I remember, the existence of a happier time.

Those times are but once upon a time.

Memories to linger and dwell upon, they give us comfort.

Never shall we forget to be grateful.

For our gem, the you that you were.

Till we meet again Mamushka,

Love, your little Jay Jay

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