Heard not seen like in a one-word zone.

Legs can go a mile, but they go a thousand miles once uttered.

Heard not seen actions they are without doing much.

A pinnacle of the moment when the sword slays no more.

Cause words do it better than could ever be imagined.

The four cornered box can’t hold them,

Walls can’t withstand them Not even those of Jericho nor the Great Walls of China.

Like lightning they hit the ground, scatter the gathering with it.

Words going beyond the sphere more than text, quotes, proverbs.

Breaking boundaries to make or break life.

Out of the unfortunate situations, beautiful, blissful memories.

The utterances spoken like a dart tearing through hardboard. A word to grow,

More than just mere sounds uttered from the vocal cords.

More like an angelic voice which suits the ears, Pleasant to the heart, means of expression, evaluation,

Analysing and putting out whatever has been thought of,

From the ocean of the mind through a powerful organ, the tongue.

“Actions speak louder than voice” so is said.

Without lifting a finger, a weapon enough to crush an empire,

Tarnish a kingdom, terminating life literally,

Just a few words are enough to cause a teen to slit her wrist and drown in the bathtub.

A few pinch of words like salt are enough to make a grown man cry.

Drown in tequila and jump off a building A little word is enough to calm, heal, motivate and bring peace

It all goes down to how the powerful but little weapon is used.


Solomon Opeyemi describes himself as a Nigerian dude who found love in the pages while seeking Nemo.

Twitter; @opecudi

Facebook; Opeyemi Solomon

Instagram; Solomonopecudi


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