Gust of wind

Take me with

Teach me

Your carefree ways

How you pick up

All that’s willing

To be taken

And be yours

How to leave

What’s too heavy

That which is too much of a burden

That, not deserving of your strength

Teach me how

To be silent, yet speak volumes

To yield when I should

To unleash wrath when I must

Gust of wind

Most of all

Teach me


Sue is a writer, blogger and poet. Her works have been featured in the Zimbolicous Poetry Anthology: Volume 2 and Volume 3 as well as Divas Inc Zw’s website and a number of other blogs. In her words, inspiration is all around us all we need to do is concentrate, as her blog’s tag line goes life is poetry.

You can check her out on social media;

Instagram @soulful_miss @soulfulmiss Twitter @suenyakubaya

FB Sue Nyakubaya FB Page Soulfulmiss Website;


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