There is a storm raging inside me.

Wind whistling in my chest.

Violent Thunder. Flash of lightning.

I can paint you a vivid picture till I’m blue in the face

Blue like my skies used to be.

It will move you, engage you

But it won’t stop the tears raining down my cheeks

Like a never ending waterfall of salty warm water.

There is no comfort there.

So don’t ask me to put pen to paper

Rather, tell me how to make it stop. I want my blue skies back.

Noloyiso is an English teacher by day and a writer of prose and other trivia by night.

You can find her on social media accounts.

Twitter: @nolo_yiso

WordPress: 1noloyiso.wordpress.com

Instagram: @nolo_yiso


  1. Isaac Amo Yeboah

    Hmm a tragic poem. Most of us are going through tragic moments in our lives. Lets be there for each other

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