Stay Up

The world is a funny place to live in, equally funny as it is sad. The way you have to work hard and balance all that life throws at you, things you sometimes have no control over. Every waking day you have to teach yourself to accept the turn outs of events that at times you never bargained for. Like were you are born, where you grow up, the school your parents can afford to send you to. You cannot just choose to have wealthy parents that will afford the niceties in life. We are all dealt this set of cards from which to play crazy 8 together, if you get a “good hand” then the odds are in your favor but that is not always guaranteed, thing is you have to keep at it and play the game over and over again.

Of the choices you do have is your character, you can choose a character that stands independent of your circumstances. Character, ultimately is what defines you as an individual and sets you apart from your family, friends and community. The norm is “rich kids are spoiled brats,” but in reality that is not always the case, maybe a majority of them are because most of them have never had to suffer for the things they have and lack an understanding of how privilege it is to have what they have. But for those born with a rusty spoon in their mouths, you cannot afford to throw tantrums and be idle, you have no trust fund to look forward. Yet your character has to sober you up, and drive you to be a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t matter that you may not have had the best of foundations, all empires began with one person, one determined action and became a legacy. Dress your character well, be firm but not rude, be sociable but not a walk over, work hard but do from time to time rest. Hard work will take you so far but a good character will maintain all your connections for you and grow them. It all lies in a good character that will speak volumes even from the grave. You are what your character builds of you.


Tshepiso is an all round artist, focusing on gospel music and poetry. She is crazy about natural hair, food and loves God big time. She believes life is a big canvas that you get to be creative on for the rest of your days just to create a single soulful piece.

You can check her out on social media.

Facebook: Tshepiso Mande Ndebele
Instagram: mande_tshepie
Twitter: @Mande_Tshepiso


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