Be a better version of you.

Every year we make resolutions, add to our bucket lists trying to live our best lives and be the best versions of our selves because we know deep inside we are meant for great things. We can be better, improve or be more efficient. All we really need to do is become that version of ourselves by taking THE first step in our intended direction and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Explore more.
Fear of change can be our demise in this self-discovery journey. Switch things up a notch and try new things, don’t let yourself get complacent, be spontaneous and discover yourself as you explore everything else. Take up a new hobby, a new sport or even a new class, surprise yourself. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and don’t forget to live.

Chase your dreams.
What is the ultimate thing you have always wanted to do? Have you identified your purpose? Answering these questions will definitely nudge you in the right direction. Pursuing your dreams gives you the drive to see your goals through, spark creativity and give you much needed inspiration.

Keep that motivation going!
Especially, on those days when the blanket seems like a better option than getting up to grind, the days when our brains just quit and go on energy saving mode. Even in those times keep moving forward. The important thing is to do something, anything as long as it is taking you in the right direction. Progress in the form of baby steps is still progress. Stick your goals somewhere you can see them every day and make it a point to achieve something towards them.

Good habits.
We are naturally creatures of habit. This applies to both good and bad habits, being a better version of yourself requires you to focus on, develop and nurture good habits. These habits will keep you solid and grounded and most definitely working towards the goals you set even in your slouchy moments. Habit developing is not easy, it takes time and repetition, don’t try and change everything in one go, it can be overwhelming. Take one step at a time, one habit at a time, master it and go on to the next. It doesn’t even have to be a major change; small changes will have a huge effect in the future.

You can never have too much self-love.
Most importantly remember to care for yourself. Be kind to yourself and forgive your mistakes. Incorporate niceties directed at yourself in your daily routine. Work hard but remember to pat yourself on the back and reward yourself, stressed out? do something fun to reward you, you need to be at your optimum to be the best version of yourself. If you don’t, something will give way, something you don’t want happening. Take time to meditate, and replenish your mind. Ultimately show yourself love, you deserve it.

Sue is a writer, blogger and poet. Her works have been featured in the Zimbolicous Poetry Anthology: Volume 2 as well as Divas Inc Zw’s website and a number of other blogs. In her words, inspiration is all around us all we need to do is concentrate, as her blog’s tag line goes life is poetry.

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