For a long time, I have been convinced that I have a purpose in life and I have spent a number of years trying to find that purpose to no avail. A year ago I realized I had stopped living because I was so occupied with trying to find that purpose which honestly I have stopped looking for (I’ll be glad if I can find it though).
Slowly I’ve reached a conclusion that life is a gift, which you can only get once and has got an expiry date but the unfortunate part is the date of replenishment is not inscribed on the container. Our purpose in life is to die and I know a lot of people won’t agree but that’s the truth. I then asked myself if I were to die today will I be ready to go, have I lived my life to the fullest, have I left a mark on earth yet, have I made an impact that’s going to affect future generations? and the answer was “NO”.

Life as it is, is an adventure in which you have to constantly go through the toughest of times and the happiest of moments, learn a lot from your experiences and from others as well. The truth of the matter is life has no formula, it keeps unfolding and we have to be in touch and travel our own journeys. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason and that is why I chose to live my own life because no one can live it for me.
Life is a lot of things, definitions, perspectives, philosophies, experiences, languages and can never be confined to an individual element but the universal approach to life is love. Up to now the world is not yet ready for love and it’s going to take generations and generations till human beings congruently adapt to the concept of love. For now, let’s make an effort to learn how to love one another…

Prosper is a visual artist and a part time business blogger based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He loves God, peace, positivity and free thinking.

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