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Music as an art form communicates in a manner that transcends racial, ethnic and language barriers, Suffix is one person who has made that manifest through his music. Suffix is a Malawian afro-rap artist based in Blantyre, who has been rapping for eight years. He has been featured on the world’s largest Christian hip hop online magazine Rapzilla. He was named one of Africa’s most influential Christian hip hop artists by Zambia’s Retunes and in 2016 was named Malawi’s hottest MC by MTV Base. Suffix has had the opportunity of sharing the stage with artists such as worship leader Don Moen, Grammy nominated rap artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H and Zambia’s Pompi. Suffix recently released a 16 track album titled Before I sleep, I had the privilege of having the following interview with him.
Jay Jay; My first question, to be politically correct would be, are you a rapper who is Christian or a Christian who raps?
Suffix; I always say people should be free to call me whatever, as long as they hear the truth when they listen. Categories aren’t important to me.
Jay Jay; When did you start rapping and what inspired you to take up rap?
Suffix; I started doing music in 2010 before I got saved though. Got inspired by a friend who used to be a producer back then, he is no longer doing music now.
Jay Jay; How many projects do you have to date?
Suffix; I have got one Mixtape (D.O.S), one EP (Dethrone) and the recent album Before I sleep.
Jay Jay; What made you choose to rap using your local language over say English and what sort of impact has that had on your music.
Suffix; I wanted to communicate using the language I am comfortable with. I communicate better in my mother tongue than English and I have been having massive response all over.
Jay Jay; What are some of the challenges you have faced as a rapper?
Suffix; Well I should say breaking through radio stations as an artist who is regarded as a gospel hip-hop artist.
Jay Jay; Let us talk about your latest album, Before I sleep. Why Before I sleep for an album title?
Suffix; I wanted to communicate real issues I have faced, seen as I was growing up and how that has shaped my Christian world view and challenge people to be who God created them to be, before I sleep.
Jay Jay; What makes the project stand out from the others you have done?
Suffix; This is me going all out without being afraid of what people would say or trying to please anyone but God. I can say it’s the realest I have done so far.
Jay Jay; How has the reception to the new project been?
Suffix; Amazing bro amazing.
Jay Jay; On the project who can you say is your target audience and what message do you want them to take home when they listen to the project?
Suffix; Everyone, from the young to the old. That life doesn’t revolve around us and life is not about us. God is the center of it all and He does whatever He pleases for His glory. And that to live within God’s story is a privilege, not a sacrifice.
Jay Jay; On your song Ghetto Ndi Nyatwa you featured Sho Baraka. How was that experience for you?
Suffix; Great experience bro. I am the 2nd African rapper to collaborate with Sho Baraka after Mag44 from Zambia. It was a blessing and most importantly we connected a lot now he is a fan and a brother.
Jay Jay;Lastly, any words of encouragement for aspiring rappers?
Suffix; Keep on creating, stay in your lane and glorify God.

You can buy or stream Before I sleep Here

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