Stories have been a part of us since the inception of time and as humans we are no exception we all have stories, granted they may differ from person to person but fact remains, we all have one. One aspect that has been a part of the human story since time immemorial is that of facing hardships, we all have suffered loss, been at wits end, broken down, battered and bruised, even on the verge of giving up. All these experiences wound us, but in those toughest of times there arise some of the greatest lessons life will ever teach us, but we can only learn them if we choose to, as 13th century poet Rumi once said “The wound is the place where the light enters”. When the wounds from the traumatic experiences heal they leave behind scars, these scars can be a constant reminder of the pain we once faced or represent more than just pain. What these scars represent to us is entirely our choice, but may you always know that there is a latent power made manifest through embracing our scars.
There is a Japanese master craft which originated in the 15th century called “Kintsugi” or “Golden Rejoining”, which is dedicated to the art of restoring broken fine ceramics using a special lacquer mixed with gold or silver. The essence of Kintsugi is focusing ones’ attention and intention on life’s hidden beauty and power. In most instances when a vase or an ornament is broken most people would prefer the damages to be hidden by the repair. Such is the case when we face challenges, we would be glad with forgetting that they ever happened. Kintsugi however, recognizes the history of an artifact (its brokenness) and incorporates it into the repair of the artifact and does not hide it. The repair of the broken object transforms it, not only into a beautifully resurrected masterpiece but one that is more beautiful than the original. Kintsugi stresses the fact that no matter how broken something can or may be thought of, its beauty not only survives the difficult times but thrives, making the seemingly impossible possible. Same goes with you, you are beautiful and no one can take that away from you, no traumatic experience can ever rob you of that beauty. No matter who told you that you would never amount to anything, what they said is not your portion in life, you are bigger than those words. May all you have gone through be a reminder that you are strong and were made to last.

Your scars take nothing away from you, you are still fearfully and wonderfully made, a true masterpiece. Never be afraid to embrace and show your scars, they might remind you of your worst battles but they also represent your best victories and are a symbol of perseverance. You are not what hurt you, you are stronger than that, display the remnants of your battle bruises, turn them into a pedestal that you will use to reach for the stars.

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