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‘Art is a powerful tool that can be used to heal the world if handled properly, art is life, hope, joy and love’. Those are the words of Ghanaian artist Aaron Opoku-Cosmos also known as KJ, who recently released his first art project titled Vista: A KJConcepts Gallery Book, were he shares his love and passion for art with the rest of the world. I have had the honor of going through the project and the privilege of doing the following interview with him.


JJ: Why Vista, as the title of the project?
KJ: Vista can be defined as a beautiful view from a high position. I always see my art as a way of elevating my viewers so they can see great views from such a position.
JJ: How has the reception been?
KJ: It has been amazing. Amazon’s Kindle requires signups and the kindle app, but people are downloading, reviewing and supporting from all over the globe.

JJ: What motivated you to do this project (noticed you had some really personal pieces in there like the one you did of your sister).
KJ: Yes, this project is very personal since I wanted my viewers to experience what I call my artscape. Like a landscape but in art. A lot of people have been supporting my artworks, an example is my Dad whose memory I dedicated the piece.

JJ: Explain this concept of the artscape, it sounds interesting.
KJ: The landscape of an area represents the visible features of that geographical location. So bringing it to art I wanted to use art to help people to visually experience what my art represents. By making abstract concepts into pieces they can relate to.

JJ: For those who want to take up art, any words of inspiration?
KJ: I know it sounds cheesy but I will say, never ever allow disappointment to stop you from doing something great. I was told some time ago that my work was substandard and I believe that led me to this moment, this decision to not give up.

JJ: Any parting words?
KJ: I want people to remember my best friend Mary Fremah Boateng, who looked through the book and gave it the first rating before release. She has been a blessing throughout this journey. I appreciate the love and support of friends & family who have been with me throughout the journey and I pray for divine blessings for all of them.

You can find KJ’s project Here


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