Brace yourself

It is that time of the year when we all make plans and set goals for the new year. Goals are good to set but they can be useless if not set wisely. In 2018 resolve to approach life differently by setting goals that are feasible, make a commitment towards working tirelessly so that at the end of the year you will achieve your goals. When setting goals, you need to B.R.A.C.E yourself, B.R.A.C.E being an acronym which stands for belief, relationships, ambition, commitment, emotions. These 5 components I believe are key when it comes to setting goals and achieving them. 
1    Belief – If you do not have a strong conviction in the potential that is vested in you to achieve your goals, then there is no need for you to set them. You need to believe that what you are setting in motion you will be able to achieve by taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal.
2    Relationships – The people you surround yourself with have a large role to play in whether or not you achieve your goals. It is of absolute importance that you surround yourself with people who do not only see the potential in you but people who are willing to help you turn that potential into tangible results. Evaluate all the relationships you are in, if they are not adding any value to you then they are most definitely draining you. Put an end to relationships that add no value to you because what you really need are relationships that will edify and help you grow, better positioning you to achieve your set goals.
3    Ambition – It is that desire to succeed, that passion to see yourself achieve the goals you would have set for yourself. Ambition plays a vital role in your work ethic, if you have ambition the amount of effort you direct towards achieving your goals can and will see you succeed.
4    Commitment – In order for you to realize your goals there is need for commitment without compromise. In setting your goals be committed to work hard and to put in the time, it may be hard at times, a couple of sleepless nights may be thrown into the mix and sacrifices will surely be made but in the end it will all be worth the effort.
5    Emotions – Last but not least we have emotions, yes emotions. Do not set your goals based on what you are feeling at a particular point in time, that is a dangerous thing to do. When you climb off your emotional cloud your zeal to achieve those goal will in most cases also dwindle. When setting your goals be of a sober mind and keep your emotions at bay.
In 2018 B.R.A.C.E yourself, it is a year filled with many an opportunity to do big things and to excel beyond limits. So go out there set goals, put in the effort to achieve those goals, B.R.A.C.E yourself.

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