Friends and Words Series II – Never Easy

This is the 2nd piece in the series coming from my good friend Sandra. This piece is encouraging whoever reads it to stand firm, the journey at times may be tough but never lose the faith. Ultimately you will get to your destination. Enjoy the read.

Never Easy

‘We have been there’ is what they tell me.
Coupled with disgusting smiles of disapproval.
It isnt that I haven’t been there,
Rather they fail to realise we took different paths.
Some took the clean tarred little road,
Yet others had the more challenging rocky one.
For me it has never been easy,
I have had to jump over and go under things.
Never was it easy,
Others complain because their path was a little dusty
I am no judge neither am I a jury
There were times I had to pull thorns out of my skin
As they pierced me in mid trudge
Never did I lose focus
Eye on the prize. Mind over matter
Had to carry my siblings
One in each hand, another on my back.
It was never easy for me,
I dipped my hands in pots of honey
Surrounded by bees
But here I stand unscathed, unfazed
I am not were I want to be
Neither am I were I used to be.
Rather grateful I made it this far.


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