Friends and Words Series 1 – Scars

Kicking off the series, we feature Sue of, a good friend of mine. The featuring piece, Scars, with the double purpose of being the first in this series and  being a dedication to the 16 days against gender based violence movement just felt right. Enjoy the read.


Every time you open your mouth,
a nail to my cross you strike.
Every word you utter,
like a hammer it drives it in.
Every name you call me,
strips me naked.
In the name of this stupid emotion I stay
Fearing prejudice and discrimination
What would they think of me?
Slowly conformed
Evolved into this new me
The once liberal and free spirit
Now lives for approval
Constantly being told I am not good enough
and every other thing I do wrong
Manipulated into thinking I am nothing!
Should have left when the red flags first came up.
This reflection staring at me in the mirror,
I do not recognise.
Conditioned to accept what is wrong
A soul bearing invisible scars.
The scars  I bear – dead man walking

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