Trust Me I Know

Death, ever tried explaining the experience
Putting daily undertakings into wordily expression
Those sharp pangs of pain
Those constant nostalgia spurred memories
Longing, that constitutes life as you come to know it
The tears you struggle to keep at bay
As they launch a frontal assault in a quest to break free
Down the path they have grown so accustomed to
Never can words fathom the loneliness you feel
They say they understand,
alas fit into those shoes only you can
No matter how hard reach out you try
Trust Me I Know!

Death surely does that
It changes you from the inside to the out
A stranger to self you are rendered
Ever embarking on a path of retracing a new identity
Drastic changes in life partake of you do
That feeling of longing die down it never does
Stronger it continues to grow
In a state of ponder left to wonder
Would situations be any different
Where they to be around
Questions flood in abundance
At some point a state of exhaustion you reach
Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually,
just tired you are
Overwhelmed and overburdened,
Tap out, better an option it seems
Let life continue with one less passenger on board
Trust Me I Know!

There is something about losing a loved one
It changes you, in more ways than one
A new set of bifocal lenses you adorn
Vividly new perspective you adopt
When it is time to love, you love
The special people in life
An outburst of affection you outpour
Anger quick to part with
Out with the negative in with the positive
Of life you learn to appreciate, Carpe Diem
Who to put your trust in, all of it
Finally, you now know
In those weak moments, your strength
The one who understands more than anyone else
Comforting you without any notice
All my try but only God can
…Trust Me I Know

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