What if

What if…?

What if we all could turn back the hands of time, go back to that exact moment
What would we do differently, would the outcome remain the same,
Would we still choose the same path or chart a new course we would opt?
What if your fears and dreams existed in the same place, would you still go there? dare to be bold or retreat to your comfort zone?
What if we all had dreams, choose to wake up and follow them, would we wallow in mediocrity as we often do, or innovation would be our staple food?
What if our late loved ones were here would better of our position not be, would our hearts suffer the way they do
What if dollars of millions I had, would a smile constantly be on my face, life made easier would it?
Would I use them to pursue self-pleasure or bless me they would to become a blessing to others?
What if things were different where would I be, what would I be doing, would I be happier, would my position be any better?
What if we all had a third chance would we repeat the same mistake or rather learn, grow, appreciate and value?
What if we had a chance to forgive, would we choose to hold on to grudges, or forgive and let go, usher in peace into our lives?
What if you knew, that person you took for granted was the one who really unconditionally cared and the one you thought was the one, only partially cared?
What if that person you always looked down upon, you realized one day, has talents of their own, fearfully and wonderfully made they are, just like you, would you look at them in the same way?
What if we all could get along, embrace difference and be tolerant, wouldn’t the world be a better place?
What if you chose to smile in the midst of suffering, rather than with worry wine and dine, would you not live a better life?
What if you knew, the blessings in your life you take for granted, how others long for them, gratitude as your attitude would you not embrace?
What if you knew HE does exist, talk about chance would you, or rather realize, it’s by HIS working all the time?
If we all knew, would we not see life through a different pair of lenses
Always appreciating what we have, CARPE DIEM, ceasing the day, as change is the only thing constant in life.
What if…


  1. Soulful Miss

    Wishes we have
    To go back and freeze time
    To rewind back to those moments…

    Captured a positive look on life, inspiration to get up and do something…reminded to remember the past but not to linger. Great piece as always!

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