The periodic table of elements

Friendship is like the
Periodic table of elements
When they are alone they are stable
But they can’t exist into their fullest
In their solitude
That is why they have to bond with others
In the bonding process many combinations we try
Some work out nicely others not as well
Some still remain unstable compounds
Highlighting the weakness in them
While others get to become stable compounds
Ever so comfortable were they are
Same goes with friendship
There is the not so stable friendship
Also known as the transitional friendship
It comes into fruition as a result of circumstances
When circumstances no longer permit
You find that you are unable to kip them
Even though you try hard to keep holding on
You find yourself slowly losing your grip on it
And then you just can’t help but let go
Cause a reason to hold is no longer in existence
Then there is the stable compound
Type of friendship it is like water
It is so stable that even though
It may face the most turbulent of times
Those trials and tribulations
Serve to make it even stronger
Even when separation comes
And introduces distance in its midst
It still grows stronger and stronger
Cause absence reinforces it
Even though we may be asander
That is what I wish for our friendship to be like
Even though we maybe miles apart
Let it not slowly disintegrate
Even though ups and downs may rock us
Our quota of disagreements being there
Let us never stop caring
Cause good friendships are rare gems
Ever so difficult to find
So boldly declare I will
That about you I care
Loving the moments we share
I don’t want to miss the water
When the well runs dry
So let it dry I shant and wont
Here is me hoping our friendship will forever be
A stable compound.


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